“I can’t”

It’s been widely quoted, “God helps those who help themselves.” The phrase dates back to Ancient Greece, and I believe that it even has some Biblical foundation, in regards to James, when he talks about faith without works.

Today, I’m going to talk about people who refuse to help themselves, and what I think that means.

We all know that one person who makes excuses for everything. They come into class and the teacher asks why they didn’t do the homework and they break into this long soliloquy about why they were too strapped for time and if they had just had one more day they would have been able to get it done. Or you know the five year old who refuses to go to sleep and their excuse is, “I can’t,” as they run around their room with the lights on.

The truth of the matter is, in both of these situations, nearly everyone will agree that it isn’t a matter of ability, but it’s a matter of preference. Some people just like to make things harder on themselves. There have been several people I know who make stupid excuses for their actions, but the problem is clearly a lifestyle choice.

Deep down, I have come to realize that these sort of people are intrinsically selfish (on selfishness), and lazy. They try to excuse away their own failures by saying, “I can’t…” without having any real excuse. There is a difference between missing class because you’re sick and because you stayed up all night. And if you say up all night, and sleep all day, chances are you’re going to stay up all night again. People fail to notice that they catch themselves up in vicious circles.

Instead of making a proactive change, people like this tend to just perpetuate their circumstances, even when someone points out their flaw. However, the funny thing is, people like this are always asking for help or they complain about their situation. My typical response to complaining is problem solving. If someone says, “I don’t feel well,” I try to analyze their symptoms and see what the cause would be and offer a plan of action like: GO TO THE DOCTOR IF YOU’RE SICK. However, I’ve come to realize that some people complain just to complain.

Sometimes complaining to complain is good, as long as you make it known to everyone that that is what you’re doing. I know a lot of people who say, “Yeah, I just need to complain,” and then they feel better. Often they complain about situations out of their control. However, I cannot stand people who complain about situations that are entirely within their ability to control.

The bible talks about this, “Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” When someone does something, they are going to receive their just desserts. If you eat junk food, don’t complain about your weight. If you don’t make an attempt to sleep at night, don’t expect to be awake the next morning. Remember, God will not be mocked. If you act like a moron, you’re going to reap the consequences.

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