7 Things to do during a Power Outage


Twas the day before Thanksgiving, and all through the house, not a machine was whirring, not even a PC mouse.

Having a power outage is always an interesting experience, especially when it comes the day before a major holiday. Last week , while I was home over break, this very thing happened. Here’s a small list of things to do if you find yourself stuck in this situation.


Snag a book – and hope you have a lamp or a book light. If you don’t, go get one. You’ll enjoy the warm car ride.


Lighting the house with candles and lamps really changes the atmosphere. Incandescent and LED lights seem so harsh in comparison. They’re also really entertaining to watch and they make the house smell really good, too.


You’re bored. What do you do? Break out the board games or chess, because it’s a lot more fun to share the experience with your family, while bonding over some games that everyone else knows you never play.


Maybe it’s time to just take a bit and sit and be still. Pray or just enjoy the silence. When all the machines stop their whirring, the house gets pretty quiet.


Everyone should have a non-technology based hobby. Learn to draw, paint or carve wood. You can also impress people with your craft later.


That’s right. Your house needs dusting. Why? Because it always needs dusting. Every house does. Might as well do it, because we all know you haven’t in ages.


Go to bed or take a nap. If it happens to be the winter, it’ll be a great time, if its in the summer it might be too hot to do anything else.

Stuck in a power outage? I guess you can’t follow me on twitter, then.


One thought on “7 Things to do during a Power Outage”

  1. Love it! Another great idea is when your daughter comes to your house to get warm and have snacks and stay the night.

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